Busted for trafficking


On April 26th at 5pm in the Station Mall Parking Lot the Sault Ste Marie Drug Enforcement Unit along with assistance from the Emergency Services Unit affected the arrest of 33 year old Alzobir Mohamed Ahmed of Lewis Rd.

The arrest of the accused was in relation to an ongoing operation involving drug trafficking. Subsequent to the arrest a search warrant was also executed on the accused’s residence. It is alleged that the accused was in possession of cocaine, marijuana and a large amount of cash. Officers also located the ancillary products to support the offences.

The accused is currently charged with possession of a controlled drug for the purpose of trafficking, simple possession of a controlled drug and possession of property obtained by crime, both under and over $5000. The accused will appear in bail court on April 27th. This investigation is continuing at this time.


  1. I love these parking lot deals; it makes for an easy arrest!! Stupid criminals. ..that’s been done at LEAST 3 times already and BUSTED each time. .. i wonder when they’ll start watching the surveillance videos to seeeee what’s actually going on and what’s killing our loved ones.

      • Where were you when there was a bunch of racist comments in all the hoopla around the garden river incident?

        Let me guess its OK to be racist as long as you fall in the minority. Another SJW probably living in his mommies basement.

        I don’t think its racist given the name and all the influx of middle eastern immigrants, its a logical conclusion based on the presented facts. I think there is going to be a lot more to come of this and worse.

        Take a look at Sweden to see what happens whith your social experiment on political correctness and open door policy.

        “A new ultra-liberal immigration policy was pursued enthusiastically by the ruling Left-wing Social Democrats for the next four decades. Sweden seized the moral high- ground in Europe by offering shelter to anyone in the world. Those who criticised the radical plan were shouted down as racist, as Sweden became the EU’s citadel of political correctness. ”


        You want to live like that? I hear its easy to get into Sweden, better hurry though because I hear they are having second thoughts. I’ll even buy you the plane ticket.

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