Cabbie robbed at knifepoint


City Police attended to a local cab company earlier today regarding a robbery complaint. Investigation revealed that two males robbed a cab driver by knife point and made off with money, keys a briefcase and cellphone.

The only description given was that one male was wearing a beige jacket with a grey hoodie.

The investigation is continuing.


  1. You are kidding, right?? two guys, no description of either one other than he had a hoodie??? i was held up at knifepoint driving for Easy-Cab years ago and I could describe that little prick right down to the color of his eyebrows.. It scared the hell out of me and his looks will be in my mind until the day I die..Some things just never go away… all cabs should be equipped with a camera that automatically takes a pic of the fare when they get in. i believe they have that in some cities now and we should have it here, it would give a driver a whole lot of security….

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