Call in now; $55,000 raised so far


The 32nd Easter Seals Telethon has raised almost $55,000 with 2 hours left to make your pledges.

You can tune in on Shaw TV channel 10 to watch the telethon.

You can call in your donations at 705-254-5437.

Derrick Lavallee (pictured) is one of the big helpers at the telethon.

“I look forward to giving back to the community,” says Derrick. He has been helping with the telethon since he was 9.

“It just gives me a gratified feeling! It’s a real honour to be doing this.”

Derrick just turned 41, so you can count the enormous help he has been to the telethon over the years.

“They helped out when I was a child…the telethon is part of my life and part of me.”

Archery and fishing were a couple things he named as activities that he was able to do at a summer camp in Kirkland Lake years ago through Easter Seals’ help.

He makes sure to donate every year. Call in now!