City Commissioner Announces State House Bid


Sault Ste Marie City Commissioner Kathy Twardy announced today her intent to join the Republican Primary race for Michigan’s 107th State House district. “Like every resident of northern Michigan, I have seen the direct impacts that decisions made in Lansing have on our communities. As a City Commissioner, and small business owner, and a trained EMT specialist, I have dedicated my life to fighting for my community and now feel that it’s time to fight for the people of the 107th”.

Twardy and her husband Steve own Harmony Health Foods in downtown Sault Ste Marie, a small grocery store and nutrition consulting business which employs 6 people. Through this business, Twardy got her start in community service by being appointed to the board of directors for the Sault Ste Marie Downtown Development Authority. There she championed several initiatives including facade replacement grants, and revitalization of downtown festivals. “I saw a need for a forward thinking business leader and felt I needed to get involved to strengthen my community.”

In 2013 she was elected to serve on the Sault Ste Marie City Commission where she became an active member of several community boards and took on several key local issues. “Before I got involved with the DDA and City Commission, I didn’t have much interest in politics. But as I began to run my business I quickly saw the importance of getting involved and fighting for my community.” Speaking about her opponent, State Representative Lee Chatfield, Twardy offered that her decision to run wasn’t made because of who she was running against, but rather who she is running for. “Lee is a nice guy, and I want to be clear that I am not running against him specifically, I am running for my community. Michigan would be a better place if we had leaders that focused less on Lansing, and more on local communities.”

Twardy said that she plans to run an active door-to-door campaign and will meet with local leaders across the district. She said that as a State Representative she won’t forget where she comes from and will be an accessible and accountable leader who listens to her district as she casts her votes. “I’m excited to get out and meet people, and learn what I can do to help strengthen our communities. I have learned through serving on the City Commission that local leaders know best how to help their community, and we certainly don’t need people in Lansing telling us how to run our lives.” The primary election is August 2nd. For more information go to, or email [email protected]