City looking to move library to Alexander Henry


Moving the Churchill branch of the library will save taxpayers over $70,000 a year, plus double in size.

City council last night didn’t move on a motion to change the location of the library Churchill branch but will look to at the next council meeting.

Library director Roxanne Toth-Rissanen sought permission Monday night from council to enter into talks with the Algoma District School Board to explore a new “community hub” that could include  10,000 square feet for a library.

The Churchill branch will remain open and operational for at least one more year. The Library board has been exploring new locations for the Churchill branch, a costly month by month rental agreement is currently in place with Churchill plaza owner, RioCan.

One location would be the former Alexander Henry High School.

Ward 2 councillor Susan Myers expressed some concern since the Library has not asked to increase its service and since the Churchill branch will remain for the near future, the Library entering into new talks could be a waste of time.  Myers is concerned that the east end Churchill branch would close and move to a northern part of the city, leaving the east end with no service.



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