Crowd left outside of Trudeau visit


A crowd of people hoping to take in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement this morning in Sault Ste. Marie was left out in the cold. columnist, Julie Hryniewicz was one of them. Hryniewicz was there as a public citizen as were several others. After making calls to the constituency office on direction the public can take to hear the announcement, Hryniewicz was told that the plans for Trudeua’s Sault visit were not available. It was never disclosed that the visit was meant to be only a private event with media.

Hryniewicz talked to a few others , Trudeau voters, who were left out in the cold. She also posted the video to facebook.

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  1. Well your first mistake was voting for him. If you think this is an upset, wait till we have to pay extra taxes and take service cuts in the years to come to make up for his spending. My mom is a big Trudeau supporter. In the weeks before the election I was joking that I’d have to pop out kids to break even on taxes. Few days after the election karma bit me for those comments and I found out I was pregnant. I’m having twin boys. Naming them Justin after Trudeau and Owen for the years of debt taxes we’ll be owing after his term ?

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