UPDATED: Do you know who this is?


The female taken to hospital has been identified. The Sault Ste Marie Police would like to thank the public for their assitance in this matter.


City Police are looking for the public’s assistance in identifying a female that has been brought to Sault Area Hospital.  The female was located this morning at 9:30 A.M. in the area of Douglas Street and McFadden Avenue wearing a blue winter coat, black winter boots, christmas jewlery and a wedding ring.

The female is described as following:

70-75 years of age, 5’5”, 130-140 lbs., short coloured light brown hair with white, wrinkled skin, dentures and glasses.

If any family or neighbours match this description please check on their wellbeing.

If you identify someone matching this description that is missing contact the Sault Ste Marie Police at 705-949-6300 ext 210


  1. My cousin came over to my house this morning at 9:30 and said call 911 because there was a person laying on the ground on the side of the street holy cow this is awful!!! I hope this poor lady has family and is not alone

  2. Ever think that Maybe she has Alzheimer’s or some other medical reasons for being there and possibly not knowing who she is herself. Hopefully a family member will go looking for her.

  3. They can’t release a photo of a deceased person , without notifying next of kin , even if they knew who it were. Next of kin must be notified first. Hense trying to identify her without saying much .. If she were alive , maybe she had an accident & can’t photograph an injured face. Patient confidentiality and all.

  4. Strange article.. she was ‘located”?
    Was the lady alive? if so why would you not post a photo?
    If she was not alive why would you not say so?

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