Energy Equipment Company Charged under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act


The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has laid over 100 charges under the Consumer Protection Act against the Ontario Energy Group and its Director, Eugene Farber.

The Ontario Energy Group supplies water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners door-to-door throughout Ontario. The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has received a large number of consumer complaints and inquiries about the practices of this company. The complaints were investigated and it has been determined that charges are warranted.

Charges laid include using false, misleading or deceptive practices, failure to deliver a valid contract and failure to refund as required by the act. Charges are before the court and have not yet been proven.

Consumers are reminded to check the ministry’s Consumer Beware List before doing business with any company.


  • Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, 2002 gives consumers special rights regarding door to door sales of items, including home appliances that cost more than $50.
  • The act provides for fines of up to $250,000 for corporations and $50,000 for individuals convicted of offences. It also provides for jail terms of up to two years less a day for each offence.
  • The charges will be heard before the Ontario Court of Justice in Newmarket.