First Sault area 3-D shoot: “a great start”


Around 50 archers packed the Rankin Arena to take part in the first indoor 3-D shoot.

“I’ve earned this,” said Korey Dumont (8) who came from Wawa to take part. This is Dumont’s first year and he has already earned himself a silver medal at the Wawa Archery Club.

“This is my first tournament, but I’ve been practicing… It’s an honour to be here now,” he said.

He was one of several that came from Wawa, Sudbury and St. Joe’s Island.

Caden McLoud (11)
Caden McLoud (11)

“Kids that aren’t interested in hockey do archery… It’s a chance to get them off the couch,” said his coach Gord Bonitzke who runs the Wawa Archery Club.

“It’s concentration, physical fitness. It gets kids outside,” said Mike Keenan who is a shooter himself but part of a team that spent time until the early hours last night setting up the course.

He also had 20 volunteers to help with tne event today.

Angel Hebert (13)
Angel Hebert (13)

In case you’re not familiar with 3-D archery, it’s basically shooting from a line at foam rubber targets that resemble any kind of animal they may find here, even the ones you won’t like alligators.

Shooters were mixed with male and female ages 8 to 65, using traditional, compound and crossbows.

The price to enter was quite cheap ranging from $20 to $30. Keenan makes it even cheaper with the free lessons he offers to youth at the Sault North Archery Club.

If you have a youth looking for lessons for free contact Mike Keenan at [email protected]

It is a sport that offers focus, strength, exercise, coordination, confidence, self esteem and relaxation.

Archers of all ages take the line.
Archers of all ages take the line.



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