Fit and Fabulous


Fitness and fashion enthusiasts got a glimpse of summer’s activewear trends this evening at R.A.M Fitness and Cycling Studio.

Guests were treated to David’s Tea, delicious cookies, cucumber-infused water and a variety of healthy snacks by owners Ryan and Alysia Mitchell.

The fashion show, organized by Alysia Mitchell and Marketing Manager Jordin Boniferro featured Lolë, a Montreal-based activewear and lifestyle brand. Mitchell, who is a Lolë ambassador, enlisted a variety of clients and staff to represent the clothing. To emphasize their fitness forte, guests were led through a quick stretch and balance session by Ryan Mitchell between the fashion show’s two segments.

Since 2013, the couple has operated the boutique studio which focuses primarily on cycling, yoga and personal training for children and adults. Their specialty is cycling, with state-of-the-art bikes dotting the forefront of their two-story facility. R.A.M.’s bikes are not just like most spin bikes you find at the gym; they are RealRyder bikes which operate on three planes of motion as opposed to the classic static configuration.

With six highly-trained employees, R.A.M is able to provide a multitude of services but they maintain a strong bond with their clients due to their passion for exercise and the small and welcoming size of their facility.

“We are really close with all of our clients,” said Alysia Mitchell. We think that’s what has allowed us to continue to grow because they are behind us.”

About R.A.M.:

R.A.M. is a boutique style fitness studio offering a wide range of services from personal training, group training and indoor cycling to yoga, babies and kids programs as well as sport performance training. 

For more information, check out their website, call 705-575-1762, email or visit them at 145 Northern Avenue East.




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