Flash Mob hits the Station Mall


A surprise flash mob yesterday at Station Mall broke into dance to help bring awareness to   Multiple Sclerosis. Organized by Connie Carello of CC Communications with the help of Soo Dance Unlimited, the group is promoting the 19th annual MS walk on May 1st at Bondar Pavilion. The mob was smaller than originally planned explained Carello, “we did have 22 participants but due to the flu going around we were only able to recruit about 11 people”

“MS is a disease that effects most adults in the prime of their lives” commented Sherri Duke from the local MS chapter.

Watch the video for their performance.


  1. I defetinetly would have joined the flash mob..i have MS myself and im so happy with all the fundraising and awareness that is going on..good job guys.. ❤

  2. Thanks for your coverage Sault Online! We had a really great time with this routine and hopefully flash mob dances will become an energetic way to continue promoting awareness for a variety of charities and causes in the local community of Sault Ste. Marie!

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