Garden River protest pleads for safety


Hundreds from Garden River gather today at the bypass by Highway 17B, not for racial reasons, but simply to plead for safety.

“I wish people would start using the new highway. I have six siblings and I worry about them,” said Sydney Nolan. “In total I’ve lost seven family members… taken away from this highway.”

What she is referring to is Highway 17B through Garden River, which people use instead of the new bypass, and travel at higher than legal speeds to save just a couple minutes off their commute.

Andy Rickard, a band councillor for Garden River sees it too, too much.

Andy Rickard
Andy Rickard

He noted the amount of crosses that were erected along the highway in Garden River to note a traffic fatality.

“With the spring and summer coming along we want to enjoy our community,” which they currently cannot due to abusers of the highway through Garden River.

“There’s no reason why people should come through our community when people before me built the bypass for safety of our community.”

The not-guilty verdict of Terry Mosher last week sparked this protest.

Mosher (76) was acquitted of charges relating to the death of Jessie Roach, which is still not clear how he died, even though tissue of the deceased was found under the undercarriage of Mosher’s vehicle.

“It seems like it’s a two-tier justice system for our people,” said Rickard.

“Our people have been affected greatly by this [death].”

Highway 17b protest

Protesters braved the cold and will be working in shifts until 7 p.m.

Pamphlets talking about the protest are being handed out to drivers.


  1. That whole highway is death trap not just through the reserve. I suspect the majority of people still going through the reserve vs the bypass are residents or people who are doing business there.

    This country needs a four lane highway from east to west coast, it should have been done years ago. The lack of a four lane highway is the reason for the bulk of the fatalities. People try to pass where they shouldn’t and get into trouble. Just what the Ontario liberals wasted or used for bribe money over the past decade would have been enough to at least do the four lanes right across the province with change left over.

    Who blocked the connection at second line?

    My sympathy to the families of the latest fatalaties.

  2. If the highway was allowed to be connected at the bottom of second line this would not be an issue.
    Why was it not allowed?
    No one I know goes through the old highway due to the low speed limits and rough road surface, anyone that does and speeds will be picked off by the reserve police and given a hefty fine and aren’t likely to do it again.
    I think this is being overplayed.

    • One of my classmates was killed on that hwy in grade school, Adam Lewis. I remember the whole school going to his funeral and how horrible it was for his family and it was over 20 years ago. One death is one too many. Would you say it was “overplayed” if it were one of your family members or friends? That was extremely arrogant of you.

      • Blame is being put in the wrong place here, the majority of these events would have never happened if the highway was allowed to be joined at second line from the beginning.
        So, who was it that wouldn’t allow the highway to be joined where it should have been?
        That is who is responsible for the most part.

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