Gas way up again in the Sault


It was nice while it lasted. For a week gas prices fell below a buck in Sault Ste. Marie but today it ends.

Prices started to go at noon today. McDougall Fuels was first out of the gate jacking prices up by 7 cents in a matter of seconds. Some local stations are still posting the 99.9 . litre as of noon today but those prices are expected to jump in a day or two.

Sault Ste. Marie prices have been stable for months at the 103.9 price (much more than other municipalities in the north) Prices started to drop last week to 99.9 litre, a welcome relief at the pumps. Today however, as oil bounced back to over $40 U.S. a barrel, the immediate effects are felt locally.

Shell and Petro Canada prices remain at the 99.9 range as of noon Tuesday.


  1. It’s a shame, that McDougall is such a gouging business owner. You can tell he doesn’t care about his community by jacking up the gas prices before they’ve even gone up, and NOT to bring them down for months after the barrel drops. So DISGUSTING. Maybe a local boycott should start, to teach these pocket lining businesses that we aren’t going to take it anymore!

  2. McGouger fuels needs a new mansion and an extended tropical vacation don’t ya know!
    Sad was the day that all the smaller Mom and Pop businesses got steamrolled into a gouging monopoly.

  3. It pisses me off that when oil prices per barrel drop, it takes forever for fuel pump prices to dip….the rationale given is that they paid for higher priced gas so until that is used up they can’t drop prices BUT when the price per barrel for oil goes up, the hike at the pumps is almost immediate….shouldn’t we be paying the lower price until the lower price gas the companies paid for is used up???? Grrrrrrrrr!!

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