Have you seen Jaggher?


SaultOnline.com received another plea for help in finding a beloved lost family member, Jaggher. Here’s the story:

LOST-CAT-2My fur baby Jaggher has been missing since Sunday at midnight when he escaped through the door way when someone who coming inside the house. We have been looking everywhere for him ever since but we haven’t had any luck. Jaggher is a 3 year old black fluffy male who weighs about 15 pounds.

He is very friendly. He has a bad left eye due to an old injury. He is our sweet baby boy and he completes our family. We are devastated that there hasn’t been any sign of him yet considering our efforts. We just want you home Jaggher!!! He may have been spotted around Terrance avenue and Southwood street. However, he could be anywhere at this point since he has been missing since Sunday.

With the snow that has fallen it may be easier to spot him or his tracks. Any help from anyone is appreciated!! We will do anything to get our baby back where he belongs. PLEASE HELP US!!!! Call 705-542-7586 with any information regarding our sweet Jaggher!


  1. Hope this gives you hope…. my cat went missing for two weeks! And she is a street smart cat. I called the humane society and TAGG to see if anyone turned her in. I went to the neighbours and asked them to please open their garages and sheds and let me check if she was trapped inside when someone put their shovels away etc. She still didn’t turn up. I didn’t know what else to do, but I tried one more thing….As my last ditch effort I printed flyers with her photo and put one in every mailbox in my neighbourhood and beyond. Less than 24 hours later I got a call that my cat was trapped in the house next door to the caller, they had called the humane society several times to report it but they could still see my cat in the window. So I went to the house immediately, it was an abandoned house- and there were a bunch of Humane Society notices on the door (not too helpful to my poor trapped cat, since it was an abandoned house). The neighbour showed me how to slide a window to get in the abandoned house….and damn right I went in there to get her….it was 2 weeks she was in there! I got my princess back! She survived in there all that time eating mice and bugs and drinking water dripping from a pipe, but couldn’t get out. So don’t give up and make sure you call TAGG to see if anyone turned your beauty in. (My friend lost her thin sick cat..and someone brought it to TAGG thinking it was neglected). Hope you find your fur baby!

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