Have you seen Widow?


The owners of Widow want her  back home, the little  pup got away April 7th in the London street area.

One of the worst nightmares a pet parent can have is when their friend goes missing. SaultOnline.com is committed to helping those reunite with their lost animals.

The owners need help from the community to help find the exact area he is hiding in so we can set a trap & get him in safely.

“She seems to be circulating around St Mary’s school, Gore and Wellington and the John – Albert area. she’s scared & won’t go near anyone so it’s best people do not try to chase him, merely keep an eye on her and call owners right away!” writes Andrea Caldwell, friend of the family.

She’s described as : Small/Medium black dog. Shortish hair, freshly groomed. Missing from Downtown (St Mary’s High school Area) since 10pmApril 7th. Please call 705-206-0785 if found. Responds to Widow. Please share REWARD IF FOUND


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