JK-12 organization


The Algoma District School Board (ADSB) approved the proposed JK-12 organization for September 2016 subject to funding, the budgetary process, and any significant changes in school enrolments requiring organizational changes.

Elementary Organization

The elementary organization for the 2016-2017 school year reflects changes in enrolment and Primary Class Size expectations.

The proposed 2016-2017 organization for Grades JK to 8 includes 263 classes or 262.90 FTE (full-time equivalent) teaching staff based on a projected JK-8 enrolment of 6028. This compares to 270 classes or 269.90 FTE (full-time equivalent) teaching staff on Oct. 31, 2015, for an enrolment of 6214 students which equates to a decline in enrolment of 186 students. As a result, the staffing complement proposed for organizing the JK-8 classes for September, 2016 will result in a reduction from October 31, 2015 of 7 classes for the 2016-2017 school year.

Parents are reminded that there is still time to register for Kindergarten and are encouraged to do so as past trends indicate that Kindergarten enrolment fluctuates significantly.  As such, these numbers will need to be reviewed as necessary over the upcoming months and classes may be reorganized in September 2016 to reflect enrolment changes and primary class size requirements.

Secondary Organization

The proposed organization for secondary schools for 2016-2017 is developed in consultation with principals and is based on the following information:

(a) the projected enrolment for each school;

(b) the number of option sheets received from each school;

(c) the course selection made by students;

(d) the overall GSN funding (Grants for Student Needs) as allocated by the Ministry of Education.


The total projected enrolment for the regular secondary program for September 2016 is 3058 (head-count) with a staffing complement of 258.7.This compares to the October 31, 2015 enrolment of 3234 (head-count) with a staffing complement of 268.5 FTE teachers. For September 2016,

the projected decline from the October 31, 2015 enrolment is 176 secondary students. Decline in enrolment and alignment of the Board’s secondary organization with Ministry Funding resulted in a reduction of 9.8 FTE teachers.


The Board’s SSM Alternative Education Program (known as the Algoma Education Connection) is projected to have an enrolment of between 280 and 300 students (Headcount) in September 2016 with a staffing complement of 15.0 FTE teachers. Both enrolment and staffing complement remain unchanged from 2015-2016.