Kudos to Swiss Chalet


A good news story…

Wednesday my friend age 73 and I were at Dr. Kucher’s office for an appointment. Afterwards, I asked my friend, would you like to go for supper? As he is in a wheelchair due to Parkinson’s. We have to call Cruz mobility for transportation to and from.

Swiss Chalet is where we had supper. With advanced Parkinson he needs to be fed. Cutting the meat from the ribs we had dinner.

It was enjoyable to be out as he had a long hospital stay due to an accident that happened.
When we were finished eating, it was time to pay our bill. The waitress who took care of us said, oh, your meals are paid in full including the tip. Pardon, what did you say? Paid?

It brought me to tears with appreciation. The staff at Swiss Chalet and manager made this gift to us. Thank you does not seem enough. Since the accident on January 25th, my friend has had very difficult days.

Having such kindness given to us made such a difference in my day and his. This feeling continues today and in weeks to come.

Swiss Chalet, you saw more than the act of feeding someone.


Ursula Nielson


  1. I just finished eating a take-out chicken n shrimp w/ceasar salad along with a fudge cake…

    The entire meal was good, although the chicken piece was a lot smaller than I remember & a lot wetter this time round. It was still ok, just not juicy tender, just juicy wet. The shrimp just rocked as usual & the fudge cake was a great finish. The total for all including delivery fee was around $30, which is right up there with Boston Pizza, except with Boston I usually have leftovers for later. I give cutos to Swiss Chalet for stepping up with the big boys like Boston Pizza but Swiss Chalet really needs to keep an eye on portion sizes to stay in the fight…

  2. We never know what impact a small act of kindness will have on someone. There is much to learn from this and the staff and management are to be commended for this.

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