NDP calls on Wynne government to revitalize steel industry


After meeting with Mayor Christian Provenzano, City officials, the Chamber of Commerce, and Essar Steel representatives, two Ontario NDP MPPs are calling on the Wynne government to revitalize Ontario’s steel and manufacturing sectors.

Michael Mantha, the MPP for Algoma Manitoulin and the Ontario NDP critic for Northern Development was joined by Paul Miller, the MPP for Hamilton-East Stoney Creek and the NDP’s Critic for Tourism, Culture and Sports. Miller is a former steelworker and advocate for the steel industry.

“Steel manufacturing creates family supporting jobs in Ontario, and a strong manufacturing sector bolsters innovation for the long-term. We need to work with our partners in the steel industry, and in communities like Sault Ste. Marie to ensure it can remain sustainable and competitive,” Mantha said.

The two MPPs were in Sault Ste. Marie today to see firsthand what the steel industry is facing, and to learn about what is needed to move forward.

“The Liberal government has offered little vision for the struggling steel and manufacturing sectors, and isn’t offering any help on a number of challenges, like rising energy prices which will only get more expensive as the Wynne government continues to privatize Hydro One, and cheap steel being dumped into the market from low cost producers in China,” Mantha said.

“We cannot afford to lose our capacity to make products in Ontario. Together we can revitalize our province’s steel industry and be a leader in manufacturing and the good jobs of the future,” Miller said. “But we need this government to take decisive action to prioritize steel and manufacturing, and the families and communities that depend on it.”


  1. What the government is not doing is only 1/3 of the problem, the other 2/3 is ESSAR’S deceptions and creative accounting practices, which no one has had the balls to demand an in depth forensic audit of.
    Hard to believe yet it’s happening.

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