NDP demands Premier reverse decision to take away autism treatment from children and families


Queen’s Park – During Question Period today, the NDP’s Children and Youth Services Critic, Monique Taylor, took the concerns of thousands of Ontario families whose autism services are being cut to Premier Wynne.

“Families and children who have been languishing on wait lists for years because of this government’s inaction, are now being told they will never have access to the services they have been waiting so long for,” Taylor said.

“In some cases, they are being denied just weeks after being told they had finally been approved for services.  That’s disgraceful.   Families came to Queen’s Park to talk about life languishing on wait lists and this government responds by kicking their children off the list. Shameful.”

“Will the Premier admit she is failing families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and immediately grandfather all children currently on the list at the time of the announcement?,” Taylor asked.

After the Wynne government allowed the wait list for autism services to grow out of control, last week the Liberals announced they were reducing the wait list for autism treatment, by taking children, 5 years and older, off the list.

“Parents who were told weeks ago that their kids were ‘ideal candidates’ are all of a sudden, not eligible.  Will the Premier explain to families of children with ASD why she doesn’t think their kids deserve access to life-changing therapy?,” Taylor said.

“More than 8000 parents have signed a petition online begging this government to reverse its decision.  My office has received literally hundreds of emails from families who are completely devastated by this news.  I’m going to send over the many letters I received from parents to the Premier and Minister.  If the Premier thinks she’s doing the right thing, she should respond personally to each family.”

Audio: https://db.tt/ZOLcNniS
Video: https://db.tt/cLHPtULF