New Guns and Ammo Store to Open Downtown


NAS Guns and AmmoNAS Guns and Ammo, which is having its grand opening on April 23rd at 10 a.m., is coming to downtown, 726 Queen Street East to be exact.

The NAS team members are originally from the Sault so they decided to open a bricks and mortar store here.

“It’s one of the largest sports, bigger than hockey, because it’s a worldwide sport,” said Brad Gregorini.

“It’s definitely good for the community and will help revitalize downtown,” said Jamie Boston, a local firearms enthusiast, over the phone. “It will be centrally located and convenient.”

He said a lot of people were shopping online for other options than what could be purchased locally and NAS will bring some much needed competition to the shooting community. Boston said this will help to keep prices down.

NAS is also hosting an event with the opening at the Practical Shooters Gun Club which will be open to the public and meant to raise awareness of firearm safety and the vast interest in the sport.

“We at NAS are committed to promoting the safe use and storage of all firearms.  NAS maintains and promotes the highest safety standards possible while handling and selling all firearms.  As part of that, we also offer all of our customers training in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.”
“Not all firearms owners are hunters. Sport shooting has become one of the most popular sports around the world. At NAS we pride ourselves on fulfilling the needs of all firearms owners; from safety training to the purchase of firearms and accessories.”

“Come and see what the sport is all about,” Gregorini said.

Later that night at 7 p.m. at the Machine Shop on Huron Ave. there will be a meet-and-greet with the team.

The next day they will be sponsoring shooting competitions. For $10 you can have your try (if you are properly licensed). All proceeds will go to The Algoma Autism Foundation, as members of the team have family affected by autism, so it’s an issue that is close to home.

“In the north we need as much resources as possible for autism,” said Gregorini.

There will be a long range shooting competition and an adult one as well as an IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) match.

First, second and third places will be sponsored by NAS. For each person that pays the $10, they will get a $25 gift card to the store.

The store first started online at last year and now their physical location will help to make a permanent foothold on the region’s market.

The company is made up of Gregorini, Chris McLeod (CEO) and Darrell Wood (COO).

In the fall, they even have plans for opening another location in Niagara Falls.

On the subject of safety downtown, to reduce stigma, Gregorini said “Canada has one of the strictest gun laws anywhere.”

Potential owners must go through a training course and with that they will get a restricted PAL or Possession and Acquisition License.

USA TV has skewed opinions of firearms, says Gregorini. “In Canada these things aren’t happening. I have to take my firearm from my residence [lock box] listed on my PAL and bring it to a fire range.” He continued that there isn’t that reality that you can just take it anywhere.

“You have to belong to a gun club to even purchase a firearm.” This is so the Chief Firearms Office knows where you belong to and where you take your firearm. And ranges make you sign in too just to shoot, so there is record of it.

“This is a safe sport and a very competitive sport. And that’s just in IPSC.”

“They’re monitored closely, as any hunter will tell you.”

Boston agrees. “The rigor around a firearms business is very regulated.” He has been instructing youth on safe handling of firearms for 20 years now and has competed locally, nationally and internationally.

NAS can even do the firearms safety course with you.

The Chief Firearms Officer came in town this last Tuesday and approved the facility for sale of firearms.

“They check for compliancy. We met and exceeded all of those requirements,” said Gregorini. “Safety is our priority. Safe handling and safe purchases is what we are all about.”

Gregorini has personally been involved in the shooting community for 10 years and good service was the goal for deciding to open the store.

Call for licencing details and courses 705-943-1488.




  1. There is so much red tape to own handguns it’s simply not worth the headache.
    The rules, regulations, restrictions, costs, have caused many to sell off the ones they had and just stick with their long arms.
    There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to carry your handgun while bow hunting for bear, etc.
    The USA has Canada beat all to hell when it comes to this.

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