Ontarians can’t keep up with Hydro increases: NDP


Queen’s Park – Ontarians are using less electricity, but for the eighth year in a row, people will see the cost of hydro increase by more than nine percent. Today, Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns, MPP Toronto-Danforth, called on the Liberal government to get hydro costs under control, and start putting the needs of people and Ontario businesses ahead of private power companies.

“When Ontarians use less energy, the should pay less. People are doing their part; it’s time for the Liberals to do their part,” said Tabuns. “The Liberals are putting the interests of private power donors ahead of families and businesses. Instead of getting results for families and small businesses, the Minister is signing more high-cost private power contracts that help Liberal donors.”

Hydro bills in Ontario are projected to increase by more than nine percent which is faster than inflation and faster than average wage growth. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce reported that one in 20 Ontario businesses may close due to high energy costs in the next five years.

“Ontarians and Ontario businesses can’t keep up with skyrocketing hydro rates. Instead of dealing with the problem, the Minister is making it even worse. If people think the bad decisions by the Liberals are costing them now, just wait until the new private shareholders at Hydro One start demanding bigger profit margins,” said Tabuns.

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  1. Let me see. I want to get a complete understanding of the thinking behind the way electricity is provided in Ontario and why we have the highest costs of electricity of any jurisdiction in Canada by far.

    It’s not bad enough we Ontarians are being forced to pay for our electricity twice, now it’s thrice.

    First we paid to have the electricity infrastructure put in place. Water driven turbines, Atomic reactors, gas-fired generating stations (no coal), then solar generation hardware and wind generators, all put in place and made operational because the good people of Ontario picked up the tab. All of this consumer paid generating equipment owned by a government run agency, so liberal party faithful can be rewarded with patronage jobs at exorbitant salaries.

    Then we have to pay for excess generated power siphoned off to other jurisdictions so they can use our power while we pay them to take it because it was excess power.

    Then we have to pay, of course, for the generated power we consume.

    We were then encouraged, no forced, to conserve in our use of electricity so when we conserved, we didn’t use enough so the government agency didn’t receive the revenue expected so we have to pay more for electricity to make up for the loss of expected revenue with little concern about the actual cost of generation.

    Did I get that all correct?

  2. Go figure i live on a buget n find it exstreamly hard to keep with all my bills n hydro one is gonna make it even harder for the little people like myself. Its going to come to a point where we are not gonna be able to afford hydro,then what?

  3. The opposition forgot to mention the carbon tax Herr Wynne is bringing out.

    The liberals need to be impeached; with 19.5% of the popular vote on a 52% voter turnout they do not have a legitimate mandate to do anything.

    Coincidently the percentage of people who voted liberal is roughly equivalent to the numbers in the provincial civil service and teachers. That is how this party stays in power despite massive corruption and incompetence, buying votes through the bloated civil service and appeasing the teacher union.

    Economics 101. The private sector is the tax base and policies that discourage investment in the province will erode that tax base. In English, no tax base, no way to pay for teachers or a civil service or MPP’s and his little buddies, so keep it up Dave and cronies. Maybe Justin will let you print money to pay yourselves.

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