Orazietti responds to board appointment allegations


Further to a PC Caucus release issued today, David Orazietti contends that the process of appointing individuals is open and transparent.

During Question Period today, Jim McDonell, the Ontario PC Critic for Government and Consumer Services and MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry claimed Orazietti should step down and has filed a formal complaint with the Integrity Commissioner surrounding appointments Orazietti allegedly made to government boards.

“Out of the four recent appointments the Minister of Government and Consumer Services has made against public service advice – three of them are his constituents. The fourth happens to be a former Liberal candidate,” said McDonell.

Lauren Souch, Senior Communications Advisor for Orazietti sent a response to SaultOnline.com regarding the allegations.

“The individual in question had expressed interest in the appointment and his credentials were forwarded to the Ministry for consideration and vetting. As the Minister said in his scrum, he has not approved any applications for this Board and he will listen to the advice of government when it comes to filling vacancies on the board.” Souch said in an email.

Souch continued, “All public appointments, the current government board members can be found online.” – www.pas.gov.on.ca

In the PC Caucus release, “McDonell and Deputy Leader Steve Clark (Leeds-Grenville) released an internal document from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services outlining senior staff’s concerns about the appointment process.”

They claim, the Ministry prepared candidate selection packages identifying four suitable candidates for a particular board; however, Minister Orazietti’s office advised they will be appointing another member – a real estate agent from the Minister’s riding.

Orazietti’s office responded with, “Many individuals apply to different positions listed on the public appointments website, or express interest through correspondence. The public appointments process is open, accessible and transparent. All applicants apply through the Public Appointments Secretariat. Applicants can apply online and receive information about the process and upcoming vacancies and all appointments are governed by a selection process based on merit.”

The board, The Real Estate Council of Ontario, has a 12 member board of directors with 3 appointed by the provincial government.

“As we have said the Minister has not approved any applications for this board”, Souch said.

“The Minister’s conduct is contrary to the public interest and the protection of Ontario’s consumers – he must be held to account”, McDonell said in a release.


  1. Shocking, a liberal accused of abusing his powers to get his buddies a cushy job.

    Hey Dave your party got 38.65% of the popular vote, but wait don’t pat yourself on the back yet. The amount of voters who actually plugged their nose to go and vote was only 52%. Let me help you with the math Dave, I know it’s not a strong point of you and your party. So 38.65% of 52% translates to 20% of eligible voters actually voted for your party. I’ll take a conservative approximation in saying of that 20% maybe 30% plugged their nose and voted for you under the delusional assumption you are the lesser of three evils. Are you keeping up with me there Dave? That means 14% of eligible voters actually voted for you. Not much of a mandate, I guess the way the liberals do math it may be. For those playing at home it was pretty similiar for the federal election to.

    Don’t take just my word for it


    Hey Dave how much of our money are you guys going to hoover into you and your cronies pockets this time? I have more respect for a welfare recipient then your party; at least they are honest when they take the cash.

    So Dave when can we expect the liberals to cough up out of their own pockets to pay for things like the gas plant? What’s that up to now? Over a billion isn’t it?

    Hey Dave great job on the energy file. Who’s looking after that file a 6 year old? Nice one with the carbon tax too. I don’t think it’s possible to make the province less attractive for business, oh well as long as you and your buddies get your cheques.

    For giggles type ontario liberal scandals into google.

    We really need a way to impeach parties, particularly when they only speak for about 15% of the people. Isn’t that about the size of the provincial civil service? Coincidence?

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