Safe and Sound!


A few days ago we told you about the dog named Benji, a dog visiting from Desbarats who got lost in the east end of the city. He was roaming the east end for a few days.

We can tell you today, the story has a happy ending. Benji was caught yesterday with a use of a live trap. Benji is home safe and sound.


  1. Hello Treena: I hope you are still doing the paper thing……….its Christina West here. I met you at Lori’s where we got our feet done…….never forget a wonderful person.
    Anyways, I am looking for the web link for Rotaryfest Parade 1964, 1965, etc. could you let me know if you could find this for me and forward the link to me…..I would really appreciate it as I rode a beautiful Palimono horse in the parade for a few years and no one took pictures. Thank you.

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