She wants her iPad back, no questions asked

7 received the following in hopes of finding a gift that was allegedly stolen, the writer did not want to be identified however the writer did provide an email for those who may have information. Here’s her story:

Yesterday, my mother was doing some banking at RBC on Korah Road/Second Line. My mother is a senior. She didn’t feel comfortable leaving her new iPad in the car, so she brought it into the bank with her. She did some banking at the ATM, but needed a moment with a teller as well, so she entered the bank. Sadly, she left her WEEK OLD iPad on the counter at the ATM. Instead of turning it in, in the four minute period that it was left alone, someone picked it up, and left with it.

My mother is incredibly upset. The iPad was a gift from her family and contains photos that cannot be replaced. It is a top of the line iPad with a black leather case.

I am offering a reward of $150 cash to the person who took the iPad for it’s safe return. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. In my opinion, you left with the iPad and took care of it for the weekend — and if you have a conscience at all, you will return it to it’s rightful owner. My parents are seniors – my father has a disability, as well – and they cannot afford to replace it.

So please, to the person or people involved, contact me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to trade you the reward for the iPad.
Thank you, kindly.
Anonymous Daughter


  1. Since the iPad was only a week old if it was purchased on a credit card that has purchase protection you would be able to put in a claim with the credit card company for the purchase amount.
    Anything I purchase on my credit card is insured against loss, damage and THEFT for a full 90 days from the date of purchase. This feature came in very handy when I had a bike stolen that had only been purchased a month earlier.

    • Yes but due to privacy issues the bank won’t even look at the video without a request from the police. So far the police have not helped….thx for your response.

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