Stunned by the Liberal Government


Opinion letter submitted by Lyle Bailey:

I am stunned once again, by our Federal and Provincial Liberal governments. The amount of mass spending that has occurred by both governments is atrocious.

This spending habit is nothing new to the Liberal Party, however, it has become surreal. Failed gas plants, numerous elections( coalition governments), and $30 billion dollars since October of 2015. Billions of tax payers pension fund money sent to Mumbai for housing, billions spent on refugees, all the while, our own homeless, and veterans suffer.

The absolute last straw is Kathleen Wynne’s new cuts to Autistic children. How is it, that the Liberal governments can afford to increase their own wages by $6000 a year, throw billions of tax payers money away, but not help the most helpless among us? How do they sleep at night?

If you defended our country you are entitled to less than the people who want to destroy it,( terrorists convicted, and released) some of who were deported, but recently allowed to regain this lost citizenship under the Liberals. I question the ideals behind the Liberal platform, I question the intent of the decisions made pertaining to our future. We should all question these things.

Centre_Block_-_Parliament_HillThe frivolous spending has no boundaries when it comes to other countries, but when it comes to children with disabilities, or our people of need here at home, the money seems to stop flowing. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently visited Sault Ste. Marie to announce $3 million for transportation, but did little to discuss our struggling steel industry. His promise to increase infrastructure which will increase need for steel speech was weak. The government puts out projects that get bids put in by companies, which in turn buy their material at the cheapest costs to them.

How does Justin intend to make them buy from us, and not use imported cheaper steel from China? The Liberals have just overlooked Sault Ste. Marie for any funding to help resurface our roads, and our local city counsel has elected to put all our eggs in one basket so to speak. We did not submit for other funding, hoping to be on the receiving end of funds. There should be an increased amount of spending on Canadian issues, not Global issues that have no bearing on Canadians daily struggles. Almost 3 billion dollars for poor countries climate control is one example, China is one of the largest carbon producers globally, and there should be heavy trade restrictions put on their products until they rectify this issue.

The struggles are not just local, the west is struggling with the oil fields, and the east coast with general employment. Justin seems to focus on Quebec, and blame the west for the issues. He recently blamed Harper for most issues stating, a western point of view, was responsible. Invest money in clean energy, or a better cleaner way to extract the oil from the sand would be a great investment. This again would be spending money on Canada, not in Justin’s mindset though.

A weaker military budget should mean a strengthened unity with other NATO countries, but again Justin thinks the answer is to bring in more refugees to show terrorists we will not be afraid. We have always helped other countries, and refugees, but like most things there is a cost involved, and Justin thinks there is no limit. Not aligning ourselves with other NATO countries who are fighting the ISIS problem, has alienated Canada from inclusion on some major conferences within NATO. We need to hear these issues, we need to fix them before they weaken our global ties, and we need to spend money on Canada first. Justin said before he was elected that the budget would balance itself, I am afraid to see how big the deficit is going to be, if he is allowed to ruin, sorry, run our country.

Lyle Bailey