Suicide Solidarity Ceremony


A sacred fire has been lit in the parking lot behind Terry Sheehan’s Constituency Office in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  A group of local First Nation persons are starting the 2nd of four days, of what the demonstrators are calling  ‘Suicide Solidarity Ceremony.’

‘From Sunday April 24th to Wednesday April 27, we are joining in ceremony to peacefully protest the condition of First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities facing  unacceptable rates of suicide among their people. we’re coming together over four days because we recognize that there are four parts of self: mind. body, emotion and spirit, and that all must be nourished and in harmony in order to live a good life. Stand with us as we raise awareness about the suicide crisis and work together to push for change and a good life all for all.’  from Indigenous youth on Turtle Island.

protest-2Sunday’s ceremonies were devoted to Spirit, and were held on Whitefish Island.

The demonstrators will be staying put behind Terry Sheehan’s office at 369 Queen St.East.  Members of the wider community are encouraged to join with the demonstrators in peaceful protest, in an effort to continue elevating issues, specifically staggering suicide rates among youth, in remote First Nation communities. Demonstrators began arriving at 8:00 am, and are set up in the parking lot behind MP Sheehan’s office. (downtown Baawaating).

A sacred fire will continue until Closing ceremony on Wednesday April 27th. A feast at The Friendship Centre will close the four days of demonstration. Saultonline will continue sharing this developing story.


  1. Who barking up the wrong tree, God has nothing to do with this so leave him out of it and we certainly not seeking attention of sympathy..we will get somewhere.. Poor us is just a weak ass insult! Get educated

    If you are willing to keep an open mind about your beliefs and the possibility that you don’t have all the facts, you will be much better off than if you were to just take everything you believe as complete truth.

    There is wisdom in knowing what you don’t know. Approach your beliefs with honesty and humility, and that will provide you with the flexibility you need to begin building a life of genuine happiness.

  2. These people are barking up the wrong tree.
    Take control of your own destiny for God’s sake.
    This “poor us” attitude is getting old and will get you nowhere.

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