Plow Forward


This is the very first time I am writing minutes before having to submit my weekly article. I realized, upon heading to bed last night that I hadn’t written yet, when in over a year, I have never needed to schedule a reminder for myself.

Going to bed anyway, I was filled with dreams throughout the night and probably should have just pushed through my exhaustion and stayed up to write. Instead, I decided to get some sleep and do it in the morning. So, please have patience with me, as my mind is filled with so many thoughts, in so many different directions.

I write about my own personal perspective on things that happen around me. I observe, study, take in and think about the experiences that I have throughout the week. This week was filled with so many things, that it is hard to pick a focus.

Between a new Internet political radio show, where technical issues cut off audio half way through; attempting to hear the Prime Minister give a local announcement and being directed to stand off the property, on the sidewalk; starting a new medication, where I ended up flat out on the bathroom floor; having tea with a friend from the old days; having business meetings with some pretty exciting prospects for the future; enjoying family visitors from Southern Ontario; babysitting my grandson; assisting with my sister’s business, while she was out of town for the week; waiting for test results and more, I am like a spinning toy top that just keeps turning and turning.

When the dust settled, there was one thing that stood out the most – a conversation that I had with a wonderful individual. This individual is on a path of making a difference in the lives of others and has been feeling defeated in a couple of different ways.

What I discovered was someone who is on a mission to better the lives of other people, based on their own painful and difficult life experiences. This person has been dealing with an issue for a very long time and has turned it into an opportunity to use the gifts and talents that they have, in order to provide information and assistance to those individuals and families who are going through the same thing.

This individual was feeling stuck, because some others don’t support or encourage this. This individual almost feels sabotaged, on many fronts, in trying to do this, because others feel that they should be compensated for all of the time spent on the cause and should be seeing financial gain from all of the work that this individual does for others.

I listened attentively. I offered my thoughts. I realized just how many people are listening to the voices of those who do not understand us, who do not see our vision and who will not allow us to be the best versions of ourselves.

This individual is beyond bright, caring, compassionate, dedicated, purposeful and on a mission to ensure that others do not suffer in the same way that they have. This person has a gift to offer the world and is having to fend off those who are pulling them down.

I believe that each and every one of us, has a gift to offer. If you are an artist, do art. If you are a musician, play music. If you are a singer, sing. If you are a carpenter, build things. If you are a designer, design. If you are an athlete, play. If you are a swimmer, swim. If you are a writer, write. If you are dedicated to a cause and want to make a difference in the lives of others, then do it with all of your heart.

If we lived in a world that rewarded us for using our gifts, talents, skills and passions, we would all be rich with money, resources and abundance. Instead, many of us are making a living, paying the bills, existing from pay cheque to pay cheque, because this is what we have been taught and guided to do, as part of our adulthood.

Paying the bills is fabulous; we all need to do it. However, fill your days with the things that make your heart sing. Do the things that bring you joy. Take on the projects that fuel you. Jump into the activities that boost your energy. Embrace the challenges that cause you to get butterflies with excitement.

If I was always concerned about what people will think about the projects or the actions that I take in my life, I would be paralyzed with fear about judgment and ridicule. I would shy away from what is in my heart to do, because of the negative nellies, the naysayers and those individuals who suck the life out of our sails.

We have one go around on this planet, for an unknown chuck of time. We can allow others to determine our actions or inactions, or we can trust our own instincts, proceed with vigour, take a chance, welcome a challenge, step out of our comfort zone and fly.

So, our new political radio show had technical glitches. So be it. The test shows, which were run before the live show, all worked. What can you do? It doesn’t mean that we crawl under a rock and retreat because some guy wearing black socks, slippers, a ratty housecoat and a dirty tank top are sitting on the other end of their computer spewing their toxic comments all over the Internet.

I do not fear stating my mind for being treated like a second class citizen when the Prime Minister comes to town. I will not allow hugging the bathroom floor to keep me from moving forward in my life and health. I get up, I dust off and I press on.

We are powerful, powerful people. We can mold and shape our lives. What do you need to do to speak out, grow, stand up and believe in your own rights, your own health, your own voice, your own gifts, your own mission, your own talents and your own passions? Just start doing more of that…

‘It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.’ ~ Sir Edmund Hillary