Trudeau in the Sault Friday

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Elect

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in the Sault this Friday after a stop in Sudbury on Thursday, has learned.

The exact agenda for his visit has not been made available to media at this point.

Trudeau , the only party leader to visit the Sault during the Fall Federal Election will be making a funding announcement in the Nickle City on Thursday.


  1. It says the first Prime Minister to visit the Soo during Fall Federal Election, not the first to visit the Soo ever. Half wits and Conservative electors throwing their opinions at this shit like it matters, he was elected by a landslide, deal with it.

  2. wow you people are harsh give the man a chance least he is trying and not lying like Harper and it was Harper that ran us in the ground Treadeau is trying to clean his mess To tell you the truth no ma5who got in you would hear people bitch cause thats what you do best

  3. Harper ran Canada into the ground and ran a deficit almost all his years in power plus cutting everything but the oil patch. Trudeau on the other hand has the Canadian economy rebounding since Jan. 2016. Come on girls you are just chewing on sour grapes.

  4. Prime Minister Steven Harper paid a visit to the Sault at the beginning of the election, it was his third visit I believe, if not more. Justin’s visit should be met by an angry populous tired of watching our tax dollars get wasted on things like his new pay raise. The first thing he does after spending three times the amount promised, is increase his wages. This is ridiculous.

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