Two dead in head on crash on 17b


On April 22nd, 2016, at approximately 10:00 p.m., the Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the Algoma Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the Garden River First Responders, the Garden River Fire and Rescue as well as the Echo Bay Fire and Rescue were called to attend a collision on Highway 17B in the area of Sweet Grass Street in Garden River First Nation, Ontario.

For reasons unknown at this time, a tractor trailer that was travelling east on Highway 17B collided with a passenger vehicle that was travelling west on 17B. The driver of the tractor-trailer was transported to a local hospital, via ambulance, where he was treated and released.

The occupants of the passenger vehicle, Diane LONG, 56 and Cal LINK, 51 both of Bruce Mines, Ontario died as a result of the collision.

OPP Technical Collision Investigators (TCI) were called in to assisted with the investigation. Traffic was re-routed around the crash scene while emergency crews worked to clear the roadway.


  1. Why is it odd that these poor people were using the 17b highway ? Perhaps they had friends in Garden River, and were visiting??? I think it is outrageous that all these comments are so negative, that it is so absurd that non native residents would be on the Highway??? Not all people HAVE to travel the new highway if they are non native do they??. Is that not racist? There are many law abiding drivers that are non-native and drive through there daily! Do the people of Sault Ste.Marie question the “race” of people involved in accidents and perpetuate hate and discrimination on our single lane roadways?? Point fingers that the people involved in the accident , wonder why they were there in the first place??? do the residents of SSM roadways insinuate that the involved people must have been native speeding drivers???? I think not!!!! . Is it an tragedy that once again an accident occurred on this roadway, absolutely. Is the race of the deceased of any importance? ABSOLUTELY not…thoughts and prayers to these unfortunate people, including the driver of the transport, injured and being tried and convicted by a community before the facts have even surfaced. Very sad….

    • Have you been living in a cave? Only white people are racist. Apparently all people of european descent are responsible for all the evils in the world. Every visible minority hates us, well except for our money that they can take.

      I agree with your comments about all the racist comments. If a white caucasin male were to make any of those comments he would be hung in the media and all over social media. Love the two tier system.

      There has also been comments about a two tier justice system, I agree. I remember when a local police officer was killed by a drunk driver and the sentence if you can call it a sentence was handed down. Incompetent or corrupt policing or lenient sentences are not exclusive to any race. The kid who was run over on the west end for example. There are numerous other examples.

      I don’t particularly care the color of the skin or why the fatalities were on 17b, it’s tragic what happened.

  2. Odd that someone going either to or from Bruce Mines was on 17b. It should be used for local traffic only. Even odder that a transport was on 17b.

    • You have no heart. People died.. And this is what you have to say. Thats okay we will take our business else where then. Generally i love to go through garden to find neat native treasures.

      The fact of the matter is two people are gone.. And familys are greaving.

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