Uncontrolled Graffiti: Information and Tips


People who write graffiti see the world as a very different place from those who don’t. As uncontrolled graffiti can start a cycle of fear and decay, it is important that people have a basic understanding of graffiti and know the best ways to control it.

Aside from the obvious economic costs, undesired and unremoved graffiti sends a strong message, that private property is not respected and no one really cares about the appearance. In order to correct this perception, it is vital that you clear graffiti from your property as soon as possible in the event it happens.

The best way to prevent graffiti is to never let it happen. This is best accomplished at the design stage by using textured surfaces or limiting available surfaces. Where the environment has already been built, graffiti is best prevented by ensuring proper maintenance and the strategic use of:

  • Plants and vegetation
  • Murals, and;
  • Where circumstances dictate, protective coatings over walls.

In the event you are the victim of graffiti, timely clean-up will stop its spread and limit its re-occurrence. Graffiti taggers are unlikely to return to locations that do not offer a good payback for their risk, time and money (paint markers/spray cans)

Timely clean-up will:

  • Save you money in the long run;
  • Demonstrate ownership and pride of your property;
  • Ensures your property complies with property standards
  • Maintain the value of your property

Do your teens have:

  • Black permanent markers or paint sticks
  • Heavily tagged property, including furniture and walls
  • Books with graffiti sketches
  • Collection of spray paint cans often kept in backpacks
  • Paint residue on fingers and clothing, particularly after dusk

If you see Graffiti Vandalism in progress, call 911.

If you believe the graffiti is hate related, contact the police immediately at 705-949-6300. Do not remove hate graffiti without first contacting Police.

If you have information regarding Graffiti Vandalism, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or text keyword SSM along with your tip to 274637.


  1. I wish someone would take note of what the kids are tagging….mostly “BORED” ….. “BORED-705” or Bored 705 with the 705 backwards. Why? Because they are bored, and consider their city backwards. I’m not sure they are so wrong on the latter, and I see them wandering around in groups….bored. Give them a ‘graffiti alley’ where they can legally express themselves. Give them a teen centre where they can go for safe haven. It seems like when we were kids there was actually a lot more to do in the city to socialize safely…. roller skating, school dances etc. What today’s kids have? Video games and….?

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