Welcome MOJO


By Tammy Semande Haman

The debut of MOJO at the Esquire Club this weekend was a huge success. It was an all around good time with a great variety in genres & song choice. Whether you’re into Rock n Roll, Country, or Heavyweight, Alex Dettorre, Ric Datson, & Brad Stephen Delivered it!

20160410_012225I strongly encourage you Sault Ste Marie… look up Mojo & go see them play. You will not be disappointed & if you have a favorite song… they specialize in requests & fan favorites!

What a fantastic support sydtem they have in the beautiful Marcy Catherine! Approachable, and sweet she interacts with the crowd & is a lovely addition to the essence of the band!

20160410_004646-1-1Domenica & Boomer Braido, hands down a really solid choice! The atmosphere was electric, the staff on point as usual!

A recipe for success… it was great to see the Esquire Club & Mojo combined!

Audrey Marshall, great pics Friday night as usual!



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