Young artists celebrate Earth Day!


Written and submitted by Rick Wark, Member of Emmanuel United Church

Emmanuel United Church was the location for a special celebration of Earth Day.   Thirteen children between the ages of 5 and 12 came together for a regular Art Express Day but this one had an Earth Day Theme – To Live with Respect in Creation.  And create they did.   A number of activities were available and all had a opportunity to learn and put their creative minds to work.

As it was a regular Emmanuel Art Express Day, children got their creative juices flowing through a Microscopic Art project.  Beginning with just one dot and then another, and then another, soon the dots and lines turned into shapes and designs right before their very own eyes.  Everyone had an opportunity to share their creations and hear from their friends, what they saw within each other’s drawings.

With spring we begin to see the return of birds and yes the children were eager to welcome them back.  Birdhouses were provided and the children showed their creative design abilities by painting and decorating these birdhouses to offer a beautiful nesting place for returning birds to raise their families.

March winds may be a thing of the past, but the children will REJOICE in seeing the summer breezes blowing through their colourfully designed windsocks.

What Earth Day would be complete without a bit of gardening.  The children learned how to create plant starter containers from newspapers.  These containers were used to start the growing of Nasturtiums, which the children took home to nurture and care for.  On June 5th these plants will be ready to be planted in the Heart Garden at Emmanuel United.

All the children took a trip outside and learned quickly how to prepare the soil and plant Sweet Peas – how beautiful these will look this summer!  And guess what, their windsocks will also be great for keeping the children’s newly planted seeds safe from unwanted prey.

As a final celebration and remembrance of the Art Earth Day children collaborated their creative ideas into the making of a truly remarkable Earth Day Banner that will be proudly hung within Emmanuel United Church.  Pictured with the Banner are Zoey Patton Burns and Ava Esposti.

Following pizza and dessert the children had some time for a few fun games and time to reflect on the days activities.  They each left with a greater knowledge about living with respect in creation.