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statueWell Justin Trudeau has been in power for around 200 days and what have we learned about our new Prime Minister. We have learned that promises he made, and keeping his word, are not to be trusted. Inside the 200 day time frame, Justin has spent triple the amount promised for the first year, and counting.

He has also lied about the Conservatives leaving a deficit, when in fact there was a surplus left. Justin promised to legalize marijuana, even though he was warned that doing so would change the trade policies of some of our biggest trade partners, causing us to face scrutiny for our goods/ services. He was well aware of this fact, however, he ran on this during the last election. No sooner did he take office, but on Jan 13/2016, he announced he would not be able to fulfill this promise. We have learned that the lively hood of oil workers, and the safety of the western provinces, are not high on his list of priorities.

He has turned down help to fight the fires raging through the Fort McMurray area. Not sure of the reason behind this refusal, maybe it is damaging to his ego, or he is punishing the west for Harper’s ten years of great leadership. Justin’s remarks when asked about western issues are far from nice. If the fire was raging through Quebec would help then be asked for. Maybe Justin limits his requests for additional help to his personal needs, and those of his wife. Recently 44 people went with Justin Trudeau to the White House, this included one or both of his nannies, his mother, and his in-laws. The cost was $25,000 for the three day trip. So to be clear, taxpayers are paying for his personal trips, with his family.

What is not very clear for me is the fact that Justin needs more help with the children, and personal items, but has his mother, in-laws, both nannies, and his wife with him on even the smallest trips. Most Canadians can manage a three day trip with their children, especially when so many other family members are present to lend a hand.

Or Justin could take a page out of the Steven Harper playbook, and pay for it himself, like the Harper’s did with their nanny. What we have seen in the first 200 days has me concerned for Canada, for our solidarity, and safety. The most glaring problem for me though, is the fact that Justin Trudeau is mostly concerned about Justin Trudeau, and that is something Canada is not use to, not for the last ten years anyway.

Lyle Bailey


  1. It is the same deal, if something that our trade partners deem illegal, and we legalize it, we will change that trade agreement. And Bill, after ten yrs of running the country from the most public seat, I would enjoy some quiet time myself. And I love sour grapes, it’s the b.s the Liberals are dishing out I don’t like. Thanks for responding, I appreciate you taking the time.

    • It wouldn’t make any difference who was at the helm we would be screwed any way you slice it.
      They all dish out things that aren’t too palatable.
      Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

      “The Harper government delivered a deficit of $5.8 billion in 2008-09 during the global recession.
      In subsequent years, his Conservative governments generated shortfalls of $55.6 billion in 2009-10; $33.4 billion in 2010-11; $26.3 billion in 2011-12; $18.4 billion for 2012-13; and $5.2 billion for 2013-14.
      To summarize, Harper-led governments ran a string of six straight deficits between 2008-09 and 2013-14.”

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