A Dream for Free Parking to Cancer Patients


Free parking in Sault Ste. Marie for all cancer patients: that’s Tracy’s Dream.

Tracy Dinelle, who has been offering funding through a calendar produced last year to pay for parking for cancer patients is doing it again.

This year, instead of a calendar about women, it’s going to focus on the guys in their natural habitat; fishing, at the camp, on their motorcycle… etc.

The calendar raised over $14,000 last year to to help pay for parking for cancer patients in the Sault.

What they are looking for now is sponsors.

For $250 you can sponsor a month on the calendar that can help attract people to your business but also help to fund this great project.

As of today most, if not all, of the gentlemen have been picked for the calendar, but they are now looking for that sponsorship to get the ball rolling before they shoot in the fall.

“My dream is that one day cancer patients won’t have to pay for parking in Sault Ste. Marie,” Tracy said.

Seventy dollars a month for a parking pass can really add up and she has had people coming to her since last year’s calendar came out looking for help with parking fees.

‘Since January, 100 extra people came to us,” Tracy said.

“Some patients come back all year.”

The sponsorship goal is also to add coupons to each month for a local business.

This can be great for local businesses as the calendar last year was being sold in Sudbury and Blind River to name a couple other places, and they may want to bring their business to the Sault.

You can find Tracy on Facebook at Tracy’s Dream.

You can also email her at [email protected] or donate at youcaring.com or give her a call at 942-2012.