Air Cadets Learn to Fly Model Aircraft


Local Air Cadets experienced firsthand how a scaled down airplane manoeuvres up close. Club members’ from the Soo Modellers visited the 155 Air Cadets on their Wednesday training night recently at the Pine Street Armoury during their sports night. The club members brought with them several electric airplanes, drones and a remote controlled car. Before the Flying and driving started Reno Zorzi explained that you must have permission to use your remote controlled aircraft in public areas. He also explained other rules for public and private areas before flying a remote controlled aircraft. He also explained the safety involved while working with fast spinning propellers and keeping control of the aircraft while flying the aircraft.

When the safety briefing was over club members Ces Marshall and  George Federley demonstrated two Styrofoam scaled aircraft that were powered by electric motors. These aircraft flew with the operator controlling the rate of climb, descent and turning by adding power and moving the control surfaces, by remote radio control. A quad copter then took to the air that was equipped with First Person View (FPV) cameras which allowed the operator see the plane view on either a tablet screen or 3D goggles.

Then the cadets got their chance were they took turns flying small helicopters. They also wore the 3D goggles while driving a scale off road electric vehicle which was equipped with FPV. This was all done under the supervision of the club members who offered their years of experience to the cadets. “For them to let us fly their aircraft was really nice of them”, F/Cpl Kenny Edwards said. He added “seeing this is a good tie into what we learn in our aviation training classes as well as we receive on our two flight simulators”.

As part of the demonstration the cadets met Ian & Matt Dunlop who brought their home built flying wing aircraft. One of these aircraft has FPV as well as a camera that is pointed at the ground and can fly pre determined areas using GPS This aircraft is capable of sending live feeds of the ground while flying, as well as the images can be down loaded onto a computer that can combine the images with mapping software to give 3D images of the ground. This can be very useful when searching for downed aircraft.

The 155 Borden Gray Air Cadet Sqn meets on Wed nights from 6:30 to 9:30 at Pine Street Armoury where boys and girls ages 12 to 18 yr old cadets learn the flight related training, among other topics while building leadership and instructional skills. As they become senior cadets and progress to where they have the skills and knowledge to instruct the younger cadets. The cadet make a group of friends that have similar interests while having fun during their training night, sports nights and other activities. Each cadet has the opportunity to take part in optional training which include, Pipes and Drum Band, Drill Team, Air Rifle Marksmanship, Highland Dance and Air Craft Maintenance. There is no cost to join the Air Cadet program and the uniform is provided.