Astronomical odds: Natural quads enter the world


EDMONTON – An Alberta couple will mark their first wedding anniversary next month not as a couple but as a full family of six.

Bethani and Tim Webb of Hythe, 500 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, became the parents of four identical baby girls on Friday. Obstetric and neonatal specialists at an Edmonton hospital delivered the naturally conceived quadruplets by caesarean section.

A nurse told the Webbs during the pregnancy that the odds of having natural quads are one in 67 million.

The Webbs held a media availability on Monday at Royal Alexandra Hospital, where Bethani has been since St. Patrick’s Day. Emily, Grace, McKayla and Abigail were due June 29.

Three of the babies weighed right around four pounds. The tiniest was three pounds.

“With the high-risk nature of the pregnancy there was always talk that there was some risk of delivering very early,” said Dr. Billy Wong, the couple’s obstetrician. “For us to get to this date in the pregnancy, almost 33 weeks, we were actually very fortunate.”

The four little ones are in the neonatal intensive care unit where they are expected to stay for at least another four weeks.

“Right now I’m glad they’re separated so we can tell them apart. But even just holding two side by side, I can’t tell them apart at all,” the new mom told CTV Edmonton.

Tim Webb likened the birth to a magic show with one baby appearing right after the other.

The Webbs say they an extensive support system back in Hythe, where everyone is waiting for the new family to get home.

(CTV Edmonton, The Canadian Press)