Cabaret: warns of totalitarian times

The cast of Cabaret poses during a rehearsal.

Cabaret, a 1930 musical, is being performed locally to warn against the Donald Trumps and other wavering dictatorship in our time.

The local adaptation by Shot In The Dark Productions, Directed by Sue Barber, of the play begins with a preview show on May 24th and will run to the 28th at the Royal Canadian Legion on Great Northern Road.

“Cabaret revolves around the early days of Nazism in Germany…we’re still dealing with the results of that today…it’s a very considerate move of the theatre company,” said Jeff Arbus, a representative of the Beth Jacobs Synagogue to which the proceeds from the opening gala are going to fund those survivors.

Tova Arbus, a star of the show, finds her role challenging as a Jewish woman considering the theme of the production and her personal views of Nazism, even as it exists today.

“The show itself is timeless. It speaks of otherness while it is historical and quite timely…the idea of us versus them and ‘make our country great'” still resides in politics with people like Donald Trump Arbus says. She sees the play as many in terms of how the Hitlers of today do exist and are gaining popularity.

She plays Sally Bowles and has 20 years of community theatre behind her, with her BFA in performance, she has taken roles wherever she can to gain experience and has worked in Toronto and Sudbury to name a couple places.

“It’s a real treat to work with Sue again. This is the biggest role under her direction and certainly one of the most challenging.”

To the question of how the role affects her as a Jewish woman, she says “it’s been challenging. How I respond to the show as a Jewish woman is entirely different than how I respond as Sally Bowles. In many ways I have to separate my personal response from my characters’.”

“People need to come and participate in this show and see what we are trying to say…we haven’t really come that far,” as a society from Hitler’s time she says.

“How could so many people participate either by inaction or decisive participation?” she asks of society.

The cast is starring: Timothy Murphy, Judi Travaglini-Holmes, John Dedes, Anthony Aceti plus ten outstanding actors.

Show dates are May 25th – May 28th
Doors open @ 7 pm – Curtains up @ 8 pm
Royal Canadian Legion
96 Great Northern Rd
Opening Gala Performance – May 25th to benefit Beth Jacob Synagogue
$60.00 per ticket, includes appetizers & a drink
Adults $30.00
Seniors $27.00
Students $20.00
Tickets on sale at the Box Office in the Station Mall
Preview – Tuesday May 24th, all tickets $20.00 only available at the door.