Canada is in a State of Emergency


Submitted by SaultOnline viewer Tammy Semande Haman,

The fire that is ripping across our Great Country in Fort McMurray, Alberta is devastating. Albertan’s are our brothers in Citizenship, and all Countrymen must unite to see them through this crisis. As a nation we are experiencing a disaster of massive proportion & should be directing our thoughts to the victims. WE who share this land, must understand that this atrocity effects us all. Bear in mind, Alberta has not yet seen the worst of this fire.

Fellow Canadians, let us immediately engage in fervent prayer & positive intentions.

Fort McMurray Alberta is going up in flames.

fort mcmurray evacuationThe wildfire that began early Tuesday has displaced over 100,00 people in Fort McMurray, and the surrounding municipalities. The largest wildfire evacuation order in Alberta’s history was given yesterday evening at 6:20 p.m. The fire conditions prior to the blaze were simply explosive due to landscape, extremely high temperatures, and low humidity. Officials said there is no more gasoline fuel in Fort McMurray, Wandering River and Grasslands. Fire Chief Darby Allen says, “The wildfire has not yet consumed every area in the city limits, but it sure to do so.”

Despite the seriousness & severity of the situation, one must take a moment & give thanks. NO Human fatalities or serious injuries have been reported thus far. “A true miracle”

The Military has been mobilized. Assistance from the Army & the Royal Canadian Air Force will soon arrive on scene. Volunteer firefighters, The Red cross, & several disaster relief factions are currently en route.

fort mcmurray

As a Sault Ste. Marie resident, I would like to extend deepest condolences for the loss of homes, land, & providence. I don’t pretend to know what this astronomical event feels like, however the victims & aid workers are at the forefront of our hearts & minds.

May you find moments of peace in this chaos.
May you find gratitude for the small things.
May you all have strength everlasting.

May you feel the love & support of our little Northern Community.


  1. Anyone looking To donate to the people and pets affected by this fire please head down to pet Valu ! We are collecting donations for The Red Cross and SPCA. Please show your support ❤️

  2. My brother and his family barely got out alive. It was a nightmare! My two nehrw and their families got to safety! So hard to watch this happening . Please keep prayers and help coming. They need us so much when it is time to rebuild!

  3. “May you find moments of peace in this chaos.”????
    No need to repeat old news and add something silly like this.
    You are too desperate to find something to write about.

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