Canadians donate $30 million for Fort McMurray

fort mcmurray

TORONTO – The Canadian Red Cross says people from across the country have come together to show their support and compassion for Fort McMurray, donating $30 million for the relief effort in the northern Alberta community.

Canadian Red Cross President Conrad Sauve says that just on Thursday, more than 100,000 people texted his organization to donate.

Calling it an unprecedented “Canadian moment,” Sauve says the Red Cross is working with Alberta and Ottawa to ensure that those in need will receive help.

Sauve says that to date, the Red Cross has registered 14,000 families that need help and volunteers are reaching out to others who require assistance.

He says that while the Canadian Red Cross is working to meet the emergency needs in the devastated community, it is also working with the local authorities to make sure they continue to play an important role during the long-term recovery.

Both the federal and Alberta governments have promised to match all donations to the Red Cross for the relief efforts in Fort McMurray.