Decades of Memories come crashing down


One of the most popular high schools in the city’s history is coming down. Sir James Dunn C&VS, located on Wellington Street east, has been closed since 2011 when students merged with the former Bawating high school to form Superior Heights.

The high school opened in 1957 and several prominent people have walked through the halls of the school over the years. Including Wayne Gretzky, Dr. Roberta Bondar and the band Treble Charger to name a few.

The demolition that actually started about six weeks ago is being handled by Sudbury firm, Collin’s Haulage Inc. Sheldon Ellsworth said four local workers were hired to help. “We’ve seen a lot of work here in the Sault in the last four years or so,”Β  Ellsworth said. The inside of the building was gutted in the last four weeks and now the south end of the building is starting to come down.

_DSC5014“About 95% of the buildings we demolish are recycled,” Ellsworth said.Β  He and his father started the demo company in Newfoundland before moving to Sudbury several years ago.Β  About ten workers are on site all Summer bringing the school down.

“A lot of the items have been donated to other schools, such as sporting equipment and tables and chairs. As well as to the “Habitat for Humanity”. Ellsworth said a Toronto firm bought most of the scrap metal from the demo and it will be recycled to many other projects, including construction jobs in Dubai.”

“We’re about a month and a half ahead of schedule right now,” said Ellsworth.

The demo project, estimated to be around $750,000, is expected to be cleared by August.Β  The front portion coming down first before workers tackle the back end at Wellington Street.

The future use of the property remains unclear. A spokesperson for ADSB was not available to comment.



    • Back in the 1990’s, One of my teachers told me the school board removed the asbestos from the building, several years earlier. Because of this, the Gym was no longer soundproof.

    • Someone I knew was doing the abatement a few months ago, late April into early May. It was (mostly) taken care of properly.

      MG Your information is wrong. There may have been some work done to remove it but there were miles and miles of asbestos lined pipes running through the building among other hazardous areas of asbestos.

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