Everyone in the Sault owes $39,000 to all levels of government


Let’s face it, all three levels of government love to spend your money and borrow great sums to pay for everything from infrastructure to healthcare. It’s great when new roads and bridges are being built, you can get treated at a hospital without the worry of it costing you directly. But there is a cost, a big cost.

A recent CBC news profile across the country shows you just how much living in Canada costs you and it varies depending where you live.

When combining government debt levels of the Municipality, the Province and Federally, every man, woman and child owes a total of $39,585. That breaks down like this according to research from Stats Canada and the CBC.  In Sault Ste. Marie, we all owe the city $120 the Province is much higher at $21,470 and Federally $17,995.

Total per capita debt varies however by the Province you live in. For example in Saskatchewan the total debt falls under $24,000 while in Newfoundland it’s almost double that at $47,417.

In Ontario, the Provincial debt is sitting at almost $300 Billion, that works out to $21,470 per capita. Whitehorse had the lowest per capita debt of just $23,165 of all government debt combined. Want to move to Whitehorse?

To read the full article go to  http://www.cbc.ca




  1. Much like the falling apart city streets and infrastructure that’s been ignored for 40 years, it’s a little too late to be worried about it now.

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