Female maced her boyfriend


On the 7 May 2016 City Police responded to a domestic dispute in the downtown area of the City.

On arrival, it was learned that a male and female had gotten into an argument where upon the female subsequently maced her boyfriend. She was charged with assault with a weapon and administer a noxious substance. She will be appearing in WASH court.

On the 7 May 2016 City Police were called to a residence regarding a threatening complaint. They were given information regarding a confrontation in the Station Mall the day previous.

Police officers went to talk to the suspect in the threatening complaint and found he was on conditions not to communicate with the victim and to abide by a curfew. Neither condition had been abided by. He was located and arrested and will be appearing in WASH court on the 8 May 2016.


  1. Mace is illegal?
    It certainly shouldn’t be, it’s the only line of defense for most women.
    The “Macee” likely deserved it too!

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