Fentanyl, Cocaine found on driver


On May 11, 2016 at 7:45pm officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit stopped a vehicle being operated by 31 year old Christopher Duclos of Biggings Ave.

The male was known to be a suspended driver. At the time of the stop the accused was on bail conditions not to be in possession of non-prescribed drugs or drug paraphernalia. When dealing with the accused officers observed that the accused had a digital scale and plastic baggy both with a white powder on them in the vehicle.

The accused was arrested and a further search of the accused and vehicle found him to be in possession of a Fentanyl patch, 5 grams of powder Cocaine, 0.8 grams of Crack Cocaine, 2 grams of Methamphetamine, and 3 Ritalin pills. The accused has been charged with 5 counts of possession of a controlled substance and six counts of breaching his bail recognizance. The accused will appear in bail court on May 12th.


  1. It’s good that they are getting any of this off the street but they should be concentrating on the suppliers that are selling this poison in bulk, several of them have been doing it for many years and it sure seems odd that they never get busted.

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