Friends joining forces to help restock the Soup Kitchen


When a few friends heard of the news that the cupboards were bare at the Sault Community Soup Kitchen, they quickly formalized a plan and set it in action to help.

“None of us have ever done an event like this before. But after seeing a post that one of my friends put on Facebook earlier this week after she did a volunteer day at the Soup Kitchen certainly opened my eyes. We then seen a video from Ron Sims at the soup kitchen with an inside look into the soup kitchen displaying very bare shelves” said Kylee Premo. FOOD-FOR-CLOTHES

Premo along with friends, Trina Skagen and Lacey Spina came up with an idea they hope will go a long way in replenishing much needed food at the Soup Kitchen.

“We are constantly giving clothes away to local donation bins, selling them online in the Sault Toddler/Infant site, and all of us having children of our own are always cleaning out closets to make room for new wardrobes. So this is how the concept came about. Why not sell our clothes for Food?”

On June 4th, the trio is holding “Food for Clothes” They will have gently used name brand clothes of all sizes for Men, Women and Children along with some name brand purses. People will be able to purchase these items with non-perishable food items.

“This event is important to us because we love our community and realize that our resources are limited and we need to depend on each other to help this community thrive. The cost of living is constantly increasing along with grocery prices and it is not easy to make ends meet these days. This is a way to help people obtain quality clothing for the simple cost of non-perishable food items. It’s a Win/Win for everybody.” Premo said.

They will not be accepting clothing donations from the general public as they are networking with their family and friends but are looking and appreciate help from others. “They can help by coming to the event and bringing their non-perishables with them and helping to spread the word for us.”



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