How to avoid collisions on the Hub Trail


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Here’s a comment submitted by  Katherine G. MacRae

Would Saultonline remind their readership using the hub trail that if they are cycling on the hub trail to ring a bell or call out before passing a pedestrian from behind?

I was dog walking on the hub trail near the old hospital site today when I was startled by a cyclist that silently passed me travelling in the same direction.

I could have easily stepped directly into his path, and/or the dog I was walking as well could have crossed in front of the cyclist as I did not hear this cyclist approaching from behind me.

This simple overlooked courtesy could potentially prevent a collision between pedestrian and silent cyclists and make the hub trail safer for all.

I would greatly appreciate to remind cyclists of the importance of ringing a bell or calling out an alert when approaching pedestrians (or other cyclists too) from behind them.

Thank you.

Katherine G. MacRae


  1. Hell, they do the same when they ride past you on a sidewalk, where they aren’t even supposed to be, both on bikes and those 3-wheel Ebikes that people seem to think are mobility scooters( they aren’t..)

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