June 24th at the Machine Shop

Alan Doyle

The Machine Shop is proud to announce that Alan Doyle, lead singer from the band Great Big Sea, will be performing on Friday June 24th, 2016.

Alan Doyle, actor, producer and newly-minted best-selling author just released his second solo album, So Let’s Go, in January 2015. Title-track lead single So Let’s Go, is a rousing rallying cry that’s only further proof of Doyle’s ability to draw the listener under his banner. Equally adept at drawing a crowd, Doyle & the Beautiful Gypsies are taking their energetic show across Canada and the US in early 2016.

The Machine Shop becomes the backdrop for Doyle’s stop in Sault Ste Marie and creates the perfect atmosphere for his concert. The Machine Shop is Sault Ste Marie’s newest music/art and convention Center in the heart of the St Mary’s Paper redevelopment site.

Tickets for Alan Doyle are $35 in advance (plus applicable fees) and are available at the Station mall Box Office, The Machine Shop or online at TicketMaster.

This event is a licensed event and 19+ years of age.


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