Just in time for the long weekend


It appears that it isn’t just the temperatures rising in the Sault heading into the long Victoria Day weekend, gas prices are heading up too.

At least two gas brands shot their prices up by 5 cents Tuesday morning to $1.11.9 a litre up from $1.06.9 yesterday.  Esso stations and Shell stations locally were first to up the prices at the pumps. As of the noon hour, the Shell at Great Northern Road and Second Line and Petro Canada stations were still at $1.06.9

The increase of course is being blamed on the price of a barrel of oil rising to its highest level in 7 months on world markets Monday.  Unexpected supply disruptions in places like Canada, Nigeria and Venezuela have caused oil prices to hit their highest level in seven months last night, at $48.41 per barrel. Supply and demand also works into the factor with more people driving during long weekend holidays.


  1. McGouger fuels gouges us far too much already, this is outrageous, it drives more business to the US side where fuel is only $2.28 per gallon and substantial savings can be had.
    While you are there stop at Walmart, 15 Coors Light is $9.98 compared to $29.50 here,
    We are lucky to be a border city to escape this continual gouging.

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