Keep the Soo rockin’!


If you’re under the age of 95, then ROTARYFEST has been around as long as you can remember, and if you’re from the Sault and area then you probably have fond memories of walking the grounds, enjoying the warm summer weather, and listening to free live music.

For ten years, part of the ROTARYFEST tradition has been Stage Two – a place where young local artists can reach a broader audience and showcase their original work.

What We Need & What You Get

This year, we invite the Sault and area to come together in support of our city’s local festival, and in support of local arts and culture through our online fundraising campaign on Indiegogo:

Every donation to this campaign goes towards costs associated with Stage Two, either this year or in future years, including compensating young musicians in our community for their incredible performances.

Any donation you can give helps. Visit our online campaign to learn more, watch interviews with the bands, and check out our available “merch” (including T-shirts, tank tops, drawstring backpacks, and more) that you receive by making a donation.

RF16 Stage2-Text 1.0The Impact

ROTARYFEST needs your support to help us safeguard this unparalleled opportunity for young musicians in our community, and continue offering a venue for original music at ROTARYFEST for people of all ages to enjoy.

“Our city has this wealth of amazingly talented musicians and the opportunity for us to show case them in a large scaled event is a privilege,” shared Stage Two artistic director, Chelsie Parayko, “The sense of community among these musicians is overwhelming.”

Playing Stage Two is sometimes a band’s first time playing a public, all-ages show on a proper stage with professional sound. Any contribution you make shows support for up-and-coming musicians – the Sault’s next generation of music.

Risks & Challenges

We have always prioritized maintaining ROTARYFEST as a community festival by keeping it ungated and having the live music free for all to enjoy. This philosophy of being a community festival is at the heart of ROTARYFEST, but it does mean that we have to rely on our generous sponsors, hardworking volunteers, and community supporters to keep the grounds accessible for all.

This campaign is a first step in creating an environment where people who are passionate about having a place for young artists at the Sault’s largest festival and invested in the local arts and culture can directly contribute to the cause.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone can contribute financially to this campaign. We would still love to see you down on the grounds at Stage Two supporting the artists, and please consider sharing this campaign with your friends and family.