Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre gets $117,773 grant


Today, Terry Sheehan, Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie, announced $117,730 in funding for the Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre.

“Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre is an invaluable structure in our community, as a space for us to celebrate art, culture, and education. The value of the arts is immeasurable, and we appreciate the continuous work Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre is doing to bring exceptional art and entertainment to the youth and citizens of our community,” stated Sheehan.

“We are excited to receive this grant!!! This grant allows us to complete the rejuvenation and upgrading begun few years ago. The finishing touches being done in the main auditorium, and addition of new sound and light control systems will make this the best performing arts presentation space in Algoma!!! In addition a small performing arts area, “The Black Box” will now be available for small audience venues such as film, quartets, and children’s theatre. We also applaud the vision of the Algoma District School Board, and Lucia Reece, for pursuing this unique partnership which blurs the boundary of community and school, and brings them come closer together for the enhancement of the quality of life in Algoma.” said Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre, Board of Directors

The $117,730 investment through Canada’s Cultural Spaces Fund is specifically earmarked to support the theatre’s ongoing rejuvenation project.

“This is exciting news for the Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre, for the Algoma District School Board and for our community. The unique partnership that we have here in Algoma is a model for other communities to consider. Having the theatre space in the school benefits our programs for students during the day and then benefits our entire community after school hours. I applaud the Kiwanis board members for their relentless efforts to seek funding that keeps the theatre well maintained and upgraded, making it one of the best performing arts locations in the north. This is yet another example of how community partnerships can make great things happen!” stated Lucia Reece, Director of Education, Algoma District School Board

“Our government is committed to promoting and protecting Canadian arts and culture. It’s part of what makes us distinctly Canadian,” concluded Sheehan.