Local Double Up Fund Organized to Help Fort McMurray Evacuees

Fort McMurray Evacuees

A number of locally owned businesses have stepped up to help in the dire situation in Fort McMurray Alberta.

A Double-Up fund was created as a first step in a campaign to raise funds for Fort McMurray evacuees.

“We’re looking for Sault Ste. Marie and area residents to kick in with individual donations that will be matched by the DOUBLE-UP FUND. That means every $1 in private donations will be automatically doubled-up to become $2 for Fort McMurray relief,” said JJ Hilsinger, one of the organizers.

“The response from the business community has been amazing!” said Donna Hilsinger. “We already hit our goal of $25,000 for the double up fund, and we continue to receive more contributions. As it stands, if the community donates $25,000, it will become $50,000 for the Red Cross’ Fort McMurray Relief Fund.”

In addition, the Government of Canada has pledged to match all donations made to the Red Cross for Fort McMurray Relief in May. This will ultimately translate each individual $1 into $4 by the time the donations reach Fort McMurray.

To donate, visit www.redcross.ca/sault.